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C&C staff are adept at civil/roadway/ sitework design.  One current project exemplifying this expertise is the Southwick Road Bridge over the Little River in Westfield, MA for MassDOT.  Key project details include:

  • major horizontal and vertical realignment to improve safety.

  • new State Highway Layout.

  • bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

  • wetland mitigation.

  • 2 intersections with synchronized signals.

  • staged construction for maintenance of traffic.

  • lighting, signage, and landscaping.

  • construction phase services.

Design of drainage improvements are a major activity on many projects. One recent successful project is the MBTA Alford Street Bus Garage Improvements pictured above.  Key project details include:

  • large drainage pipes up to 48" diameter.

  • ten outfalls to Mystic River.

  • tide gates to protect against tidal flows.

  • powered sluice gates for backup protection against severe flooding.

  • subsurface utility exploration to protect existing site utilities.

  • 7 water quality treatment units.

  • 2 rain gardens.

  • construction phase services.

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Protection and / or relocation of utilities is a critical element of many projects for roadways and facilities of all types. One current project for which C&C is providing extensive utility design and coordination with the structural designers is the improvements to Symphony Station for the MBTA. Key project details include:

  • high traffic urban intersection.

  • historical abutting buildings.

  • extensive Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE) program.

  • Boston Water and Sewer services.

  • National Grid gas service.

  • Eversource service.

  • Comcast service.

  • MBTA Green Line power.

  • steam distribution piping.

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